On October 19, 2016, 15 of the world’s best athletes took part in a brand-new SUP race – Red Bull Heavy Water. The 7.5-mile-long open course, from the notorious Ocean Beach to the Golden Gate Bridge, challenged athletes with mighty waves towering over 10 feet!

Red Bull Heavy Water gave a spectacular opening to the 2016 World Championship Series. The world’s most extreme SUP race was held at San Francisco. The race course is along spots where enormous ships once went against precarious waters to seek safe harbor at the San Francisco Bay.


ocean beach SF

Top athletes completed laps through the surf and ventured out in the open ocean facing massive waves. After navigating through one of the most inaccessible surf line-ups, they faced extreme currents out in the treacherous waters. However, the passing under the Golden Gate Bridge offered some relief as the race concluded.

ocean beach red bull heavy water 2016

Red Bull heavy water 2016

Out of the 15 athletes, just 10 could complete the seemingly insurmountable task of completing the course in its entirety. Connor Baxter ...

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Stand up for the cure miami 2016

Details of the 'Stand up for the Cure' event are officially out! This fun SUP event will kick-off on November 12, 2016, at the Miami Yacht Club.

This SUP event includes races for kids and adults, a yoga presentation, live music, a health expo for breast screening, a silent auction, lunch, and lots more! It is the perfect event for competitive paddlers as well as newbies looking to get into SUP racing and support a great cause.

Stand up for the cure 2016 yoga

stand up for the cure 2016 live music

Stand up for the cure 2016 fun

Aside from the fun racing events and activities, participants also stand a chance to win great prizes in the Opportunity Drawing Ruffle. Attendees can also get themselves screened for a free breast or skin cancer examination with friendly doctors and nurses at the venue.

About Susan G. Komen Foundation:

Stand up for the cure 2016 maui

Susan G. Komen Foundation is the world’s largest nonprofit source of funding for the fight against breast cancer. 75% of the funds raised at every ‘Stand up for the Cure’ event goes to the local affiliates of Susan G. Komen. The remaining 25% of proceeds goes to Susan...

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Connor Baxter in Red Bull Heavy Water

The Red Bull Heavy Water event held in San Francisco on October 19th was one of the most competitive races on record. This invitation-only paddleboard race had a month-long waiting period. 40 top athletes from around the world congregated at the iconic Ocean beach to compete in the 7.5-mile stand-up paddling event.

Strong onshore winds and consistent 6-8 feet waves added increased levels of difficulty to the already arduous course that stretches from Ocean Beach to the Golden Gate Bridge.

 Red Bull heavy water 2016

The competitors had to navigate through almost impenetrable surf lines. They had to be very methodical in their approach while heading towards the Golden Gate Bridge.

Red Bull Heavy Water 2016

In the neck-to-neck competition, Conner Baxter showed some great strength and surged ahead of Kai Lenny with spirited focus to finish the race with the winning time of 1:11:32.

redbull heavy water 2016

Lenny finished second with a time of 1:12:15 while Zane Schweitzer stood third at 1:13:22. This win also made Baxter the world’s top-ranked player.

The top three padd...

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The increasing popularity of water sports has led to the rise of new sporting experiences that combine multiple athletic disciplines. Kiteboarding – an exhilarating water sport – is one such example. It traces its roots back to kite flying, wakeboarding, surfing, and parachute jumping!

Kiteboarding or kitesurfing is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the world. But with great popularity comes not-so-great myths. Here are 5 of the most common myths around kiteboarding:


1. You need to be fit and very strong to kiteboard

It doesn’t matter whether you are young, old, fat, skinny, tall, or short – ANYBODY can kiteboard! All you need to use is a kite recommended for your height and weight. For someone who has never tried kiteboarding, a giant kite may seem intimidating. In reality, the harness takes care of all your worries by easing the pressure off your arms. You simply need to use your hands to steer and the kite does the heavy-lifting! Kiteboarding is a sport for all and is easy to lea...

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The 3rd edition of Maui Paddle For A Cure was a roaring success! Presented by Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa, The Butterfly Effect and Maui Jim, this non-competitive event was held on October 1, 2016 in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

SUP paddlers, kayakers and canoe paddlers turned out in great numbers along the gorgeous shoreline of Ka'anapali Beach in West Maui to support this great cause.

All the proceedings of this event went to Susan G. Komen Foundation’s Hawaiian affiliate. Susan G. Komen Foundation helps local hospitals and organizations provide breast cancer screening and treatment for medically underserved women by raising funds.  


A Fun Competitive Event for Amateurs and Pro Paddlers Alike!

Both elite and amateur paddlers started arriving at the beach at 7 a.m. They had to choose between 3 different courses – 0.5 miles, 2 miles and 4 miles – on the basis of their skill levels. After check-in and late registrations at Hanakao’s Park, there was a brief yoga session f...

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Red Bull Heavy Water 2016

The anticipation is high for the most intense and challenging SUP event of the year – the Red Bull Heavy Water Stand Up Paddleboarding 2016! 40 of the world’s best SUP athletes will battle on huge, relentless waves in a course that stretches from Ocean Beach to the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA.

This race is the opening event of the 2016 World Championship Series and will take place during October 18-31, 2016. More details here - http://www.redbull.com/us/en/events/1331781335536/heavy-water-sup-2016

Athletes will need to have a lot of patience to get through this 12Km race course!

Ocean Beach has always been known for its intimidating stretches of coastline. The huge waves are difficult to master – there’s no doubt that paddlers will need to have optimum levels of fitness, courage, knowledge of the ocean, and great paddling skills to take on the dramatic challenge! Check out the preview video below!

Though organizers are monitoring the conditions to pick a perfect window for this s...

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HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – Victory, the Huntington Beach surfwear brand who revolutionized wetsuits with the first blind-stitched performance wetsuit, announces a new line of performance Surf and SUP wear specifically created for Hawai’ian watermen, surfers and SUP addicts. The line was created by a team of designers, artists and Victory President, Marc Spitaleri, and centers around the ancient Hawai’ian texts and legends of demi god Māui.

“We brought together former Disney Brand Director, Joe Burke and ex-pro surfer Johnny Monson to tell these legendary stories, we wanted Hawai’ian and Polynesian mythology woven into the fabric, function and artwork of every garment.”

Performance wear innovation is nothing new for Victory, the company helped design and create the first modern triathlon wetsuit and the first women’s neoprene bathing suits. The body construction, stitch, design and Victory’s proprietary KoreDry™ encapsulated fabric technology create a UV protected “second skin” that breathes,...

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SUP has become a popular sport worldwide. People of varying age groups are engaging in this fun activity to enjoy the water, improve fitness, and spend quality time with friends. However, newbies who are eager to ride the waves, implement their own ideas and commit many rookie mistakes.

Understanding and correcting these common mistakes is essential to avoid scary situations while SUP paddling. What’s more, it will help you become a better surfer! Here are a few common mistakes made by beginner standup paddlers: 

SUP beginner mistakes to avoid

#1 Dropping a board on the ground

The SUP board is made from several materials, including foam and fiberglass. You have to be careful while placing it on the ground. If you drop it hard, the board might get chipped or cracked. The shell of the board will get damaged and allow water to penetrate into the core of the board while surfing. Surfing on such a board might be potentially hazardous. Use UV board covers to reduce discoloration & over heating.

#2 Using just the arms

Most peop...

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The fourth race of the Sixpack SUP Race Series – the Tofino SUP challenge–took place at Tofino, Canada this past weekend. Day 1 of the challenge was held at South Chesterman's Beach and Day 2 at Mackenzie Beach. A total of 44 athletes, both beginners and pros of varying age groups (13-65) participated in this fun competition to test their skills.

SIXPack SUP Challenge Tofino 2016

The racing conditions were ideal at the beach on both days with 1-2 foot waves, light wind, and sunshine. The first day of the race comprised of 3km and4 km races while the second day was full of distance course in semi-protected ocean environment with some swell, wind waves and current. It was a great weekend of competitive racing, live music, BBQ and demos of new surf products. There was fun for everyone! 

Wave Selection Proved to Be Crucial in This Competitive Circuit

Tim Lemire looked strong in the 3km race onday 1. He captured each wave effortlessly, showing high performances with progressive maneuvers. Tim battled his way to the finish line...

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The stop #2 of the 2016 SUP World Series held at Scharbeutz, Germany, proved to be the most dynamic and exciting race courses for the world’s best! While Day 1 was full of sideways rains, thunder, and lightning, Day 2 was a complete turnaround with perfect blue skies and beaming sunshine.

2016 Sup World Series Spectators

Thousands of fans turned up along the pier at Scharbeutz, quite early to watch the epic surfing combat. Casper Steinfath, Connor Baxter, Jake Jensen and Arthur Arutkin put up some incredible performances and showed the world why they are the major frontrunners for the 2016 World title.


Casper Steinfath took the big win on Day 1 of the Mercedes-Benz SUP World Cup while Connor Baxter finished 2nd. On the women’s side, Fiona Wylde displayed a dominant performance to become the winner of Day 1’s sprint racing action.

Sonni Honscheid at Sup World Series 2016

Day 2 was a battle of both talent and strategy. Michael Booth powered his way up around the 7th lap course and gained an edge over Conner to finish first.  left Fiona Wylde behind to gain ground...

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The first leg of the Chevrolet Revolt Summer Surf Series 10.0 kicked off to an excellent start on 18 June, 2016. This event held at Mission Beach, California, witnessed competitive paddlers, kids, and pros taking on the beach eager to seal their positions in the final rounds.

Revolt Summer Surf Series 2016 - Mission Beach

Other than the SUP competition in the waves, this event had a family-friendly environment with activities that include product demos, raffles, giveaways, and beach games. The waves were amazing with occasional peaks adding to the pumping atmosphere.

Victor Bernardo performed some radical maneuvers with power and style, sweeping a well-deserving win. Surfers will have to compete in at least two of the four events of this season to be eligible for the final Pro Am Prime event in October.

First event Chevrolet Revolt Summer Surf Series 10.0

The visibly excited RVLT Surf Co-Founder Brain Terhorst said, “Top athletes will win custom trophies, audio gear, wetsuits, surfboards & killer swag from our sponsors...not to mention, bragging rights!”

RVLT surf officials have already ...

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The second racing event of the SixPack SUP Race Series was a well-contested race. It was held on May 28, 2016, at the beautiful Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada. A bit of rain and the South East swell allowed for some great runs and wave trains, as the world’s best paddlers battled it with stellar performances.

Hosted by Coastline Surf Shop and SouthIsland SUP, the SixPack SUP Race Series#2 Qualicum offered races for kids, novices, and competitive paddlers. The beach saw a monumental turnout of SUP enthusiasts – young and old, and vendors enjoying the close match and picturesque setting.

SIX Pack SUP Series

SIXpack SUP series Qualicum

Paddler Stu Robinson claimed the top position in the men’s 4km race with a time of 31:24.0. On the women’s side, Sue Sanders took the big win finishing at 38:24.1! In the 3km SUP race, Mark Kaercher was the first to finish the line with a time of 24:22.0 while Kindle Parsons clinched the top spot with an impressive time of 28:58.2.

Sue Sanders SIXPack SUP Series

Mario and Gwenda Bryan became the winners of the 1km Novice race in male and fem...

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The first tournament of the biggest and exciting 6-stop Stand Up World Series kicked off to a thrilling start in Japan! The best paddlers from across the world descended on the Kanagawa Prefecture, Zushi beach to compete against one another in their quest to win the championship title.

Stand Up World Series 2016 - Zuchi Beach Japan

Thousands of enthusiastic spectators flocked the beach to watch this action-packed paddle racing. Though the weather conditions were in favor of the paddlers, this 500-meter elite sprint race was tough, to say the least.

Danish paddler Casper Steinfath claimed the winning title by edging out world’s best paddlers – Kai Lenny and Mo Freitas. It was Casper’s first ever World Series win, although the sprinter came close to winning on several occasions.

On the women’s side, Aussie champ Angie Jackson clinched the sprint event. Angie’s win also gave a major boost to ‘One’, a surfing boards brand company, which she co-owns with her husband Paul.

victoria cup‬ ‎champions‬ Casper Steinfath & Angie Jackson

This 6-event series will span across the globe through Hamburg – Germ...

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RVLT Surf unveils sponsors

Today RVLT surf is announcing the official sponsors for the 2016 RSSS season. Chevrolet captures Title Sponsor & The Official Truck of the 2016 RSSS, while Hodad's Burgers takes the Presenting Sponsor positioning - Bud Light, Mountain Dew, Bomber Eyewear, Gordon & Smith, Xterra Surf & SurfersVillage also join the roster of Official Sponsors.

The Chevrolet Revolt Summer Surf Series 10.0 - Pier II Pier - Pro Am presented by Hodad's will celebrate their 10th season this summer. The series has grown into one of the largest Independent Surf series in Southern California and is widely supported by surfers & media from around the globe.

Chevrolet unveiled the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado Shoreline edition earlier this year. The special edition vehicle is geared toward surfers & action sport enthusiasts. Look for Chevrolet and The Chevy Colorado Shoreline edition at all the RSSS events & 10 year anniversary celebrations this summer.

Bud Light & Anheuser-Busch team up with the RSSS as the official Beer...

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The recently concluded ‘4th Annual Quickblade Jr Pro & Youth SupFiesta’ held at the Newport beach, California was a smashing hit!

Top SUP athletes around the world competed against one another for the coveted title of “El Sombrero” and an equal gender prize purse of over $5000. This unique event for paddlers aged 17 and under had a different format this year with the races extending well into two days.


Participants had to compete in two races – the Flyin Mile (a short one-mile course) and the SUP Scramble (featuring six turns) before making their way into the finals. The criteria for judging was based on the surfer’s length of ride, his dynamic moves, and overall control. Though the climatic conditions were moderately consistent throughout the day, the young SUPs were being watched by the professional paddlers from the SUP Fiesta Water Patrol.

The energy level on the beach was phenomenal. Nearly 2000 people attended the SUPfiesta to watch talented athletes conquering the waves. The locals...

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Paddle Boarding and its derivative Standup Paddle Boarding (SUP) are fast becoming popular water sports. They are easier to pursue than sailing and offer plenty of benefits for both body and mind.

Traditionally, paddle boarding is enjoyed in oceans but SUP can be done on any water body – a local river, bay, lake or canal. It's the perfect activity to enjoy with family and friends during vacations. Give it a try and you will feel better and stronger than you ever were!

Here are 9 reasons why you should opt for this outdoor activity wholeheartedly:

1. Experience a full body workout

It offers an intense body workout that involves every single muscle. Engaging in this type of water sport helps burn 400 calories or more in an hour as it offers the combined benefits of strength training, aerobics and cross-training. This sport also helps improve cardiovascular fitness because you have to constantly move your arms, shoulders and back to thrust the paddleboard. Eventually, the body becomes stronge...

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9 Surfing Tips for Beginners

3/29/2016 5:03 AM

Gliding along the glassy face of a wave is enticing and thrilling for a seasoned surfer. But if you are just starting out, surfing can seem to be intimidating and a difficult sport to learn. It is essential you absorb the basic instructions to develop patience, strength, and fearlessness before hitting the surf.

And once you have perfected the art of surfing, you will find this aquatic sport pure fun. Here is a quick list of 9 surfing tips for beginners:

1. Enroll in a surf school

Like all other sports, surfing too needs focus and dedication. Join a surf school that follows regulations on standards and safety. Make sure that the school is accredited by the International Surfing Association (ISA).

ISA-approved schools have experienced instructors, who will ensure your safety and teach you correct techniques to ride waves more efficiently.  

2. Select the right board

The right equipment for a beginner is a soft top board. These type of boards are longer, wider and have a hard top foam and a p...

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"Always race with my Victory KoreDry for victory!"

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"I'm the enVy of the cruise ship with my Victory Kore Dry. I love it because it keeps me dry and protected from the sun."

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Personal Believer: Ian Cairns

2/28/2016 10:07 PM

"Staying out of the sun in Cancun. I love the hoodie as sun protection for my hair challenged noggin!"

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"I love Victory because not only did they sponsor Dana Outrigger ladies for the world championships of outrigger canoe racing, 40 miles across the Kaiwi Channel from Molo to Oahu, they helped us realize that no matter what place you come in this race, you are still first because you took the chance, and completed the ride. Mahalo Victory Koredry for WOMEN."

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Retail Believer: Customer Love

2/24/2016 4:55 AM

 "Stayin' dry, no matter how hard I ride...Andy Hodgen


"I love it because it keeps this 56 yr old protected and hip while doing my SUP camps...." Mary C. Harmon


"I love KoreDry so much that i have it in seven colors. Here are just a few photos of me doing what i love at my happy places in your awesome tops. Thank you for joining me on every one of my ocean adventures!"  - Kai Watanabe


"Happiness is not pleasure - It is VICTORY"

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2014 Surf Race to Victory

9/18/2014 12:25 AM

US SUP TOUR wrap up Huntington Beach SUPCross Surf Written by Rocky McKinnon The Michelob Ultra US SUP TOUR ended it’s 2014 year season at the historic Huntington Beach Pier. The HB Southside of the pier has seen many great competitions through the years and this final event that showcased the stand up paddle Race to Victory (SUPCROSS) and stand up paddle surfing did not disappoint. Saturday featured SUPCROSS which is a fast paced and exciting form of standup paddle racing. Testing the skills of the racers by bringing them in and out of the surf zone. The men’s open race is always competitive bringing in competitors from different age ranges and experience. Coming out on top was Kieran Grant over Max Flemming 3rd place was Fisher Grant and 4th Myles Blazer. USST HB 17 The Woman’s Pro was hotly contested all race long in the final. The surf playing the wild card factor. Mixing up the top 4 all race long. Coming out on top was Fiona Wylde 2nd Shae Fondy 3rd Candice Appleby 4th Halie Harrison. Honorable m...Read More
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The Aquathon...Kris Spitaleri at the Aquathon Kris Spitaleri helps people through a sticky spot on the rocks.

Probably the best chance you'll ever get at exploring the Laguna coastline and without the stress of a race. If you've never heard of it before, the Aquathon is a casual walk/climb/swim from Emerald Bay in Laguna Beach. Historically it's been 'E-Bay the Ritz' since it ended at the Ritz Carlton where a hundred or so swimmers would show up and take over the jacuzzi and pool at the Ritz.

This year was a bit of a change with a great stop at the Montage in Laguna and by ending at the Salt Creek Grill just short of the Ritz where we got to hang out, eat and drink, and try to warm up near the heaters.

We had about 250 people walking the beach, including a swarm of stand up paddlers that we really just kept seeing at bars. Event organizer Gary Cogorno says that this non-event raised over $5,000 for Miocean to help the non-profit continue the fight against urban runoff.

Aquathoners holding up this year's shirts The shirts feature a handy map on the back that a...

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Race through the Surf (again)

9/20/2013 1:15 AM

Surf Race to Victory

Huntington Beach Pier, CA

For the 3rd year in a row the Surf Race to Victory, presented by Michelob Ultra, saw overhead waves for the SUP race competitors. Despite a delayed start and low visibility, there was some great racing in and out of the surf. Mo Freitas and Morgan Hoesterey took first, beating out competition from around the world, and winning a big piece of the $5,000 cash purse.HB Pier SRtV course map


Dense fog and head-high waves were the landscape that morning, with fog so dense that for most of the day the HB Pier was completely hidden. While everyone waited for the fog to subside enough for anyone to actually see the bright orange buoys in the water, racers ventured out into the waves to get a feel for conditions and to just have fun, while others tried to stay warmed up on shore.

IMG_1223 The pier is out there somewhere. Not sure where.

Like before, the race was a part of Huntington Beach’s end of summer “Surf City Days” that included a surf contest just beside the SUP course that ra...

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Interesting Image

Presents the

Surf Race to Victory SUPCross 

Huntington Beach Pier - Saturday September 14th

$5,000 in cash prizes 

Surf Race to Victory buoy turn race around the buoy marking the halfway point

Register early HERE

This is the penultimate event of this year's Michelob Ultra SUP and Prone Paddling series.

This is the 3rd annual Surf Race to Victory held as before at the south side of the Huntington Beach Pier.

But this isn't just a fun paddle- there's real money at stake here!

There is $5,000 in prize money at stake for the men's and women's pro divisions.

Entry is open to all including pro, amateur and youth. Pro division for men and women limited to 12'6" and under boards. You can register here and if you register early you get $10 off of on-site registration.

The race is on Saturday September 14th, days before the start of the Stand Up World Tour stop in Huntington Beach, so if you're in the area for the World Tour or Battle of the Paddle (just 2 weeks after our race) you should definitely check it out!

If you've been to our r...

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12/19/2012 11:15 AM


By: Parker McDonald

The British Virgin Islands played host to Finlandia’s Location X Finals, presented by the Moorings and in association with Starboard. Victory KoreDry continued solid support of the World Tour by outfitting all the competitors with their trademark KoreDry rashies. The finals took place December 15th-18th and did not disappoint, with a heavy favorite being knocked out before the finals.Though the conditions weren’t ideal; there was a wide playing field with a lot of scoring potential. Leco Salazar, number 2 in the world, achieved the ultimate prize by winning not only the event but also taking the 2012 World Championship Crown. This was his first World Championship Title, and the only way he could achieve this was by winning this event and ensuring that Sean was knocked out prior to the finals. Kai Lenny, who was a favorite going into this event, was upset in Heat 3 of the quarterfinals, putting an end to his Title campaign for 2012.Victory has suppo...Read More
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Personal Believer: Melanie Webb

11/21/2012 4:01 PM

"I work for Sol Fitness Adventures, a boutique tour operator that leads outdoor trips that reconnect travelers with their bodies and Mother Nature. Stand up paddling is one of my favorite trips to lead, partly because I love my SUP workout, but also because of the way it relaxes people and puts a smile on their face. It is simply a beautiful thing to see."

"What I love about my Victory KoreDry shirts is the way water pills and quickly evaporates. It allows the shirt to provide the protective, warming layer I need."

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Na Wahine O Ke Kai 2012

11/21/2012 1:09 PM

Na Wahine O Ke Kai 2012

By: Parker McDonald

Victory is now a part of Outrigger Canoe Racing, sponsoring local outrigger crew, Dana Outrigger. They took part in the 34th annual Na Wahine O Ke Kai, a 42-mile trek through the Ka’iwi Channel from Molokai to Oahu.  Massive swells made it an even more difficult event that normal, with no boat finishing under 6 hours, making it the longest Na Wahine to date.Dana Point Outrigger placed 4th out of the California teams, and placed 38th overall. The crossing was incredibly challenging for all the women’s crews this year, as the mornings conditions were that of an unusual winter swell.  The swell was so big that it swamped 10 canoes with a few completely flipping over, and that was just getting to the starting line. This just goes to show the accomplishment the women of the Dana Outrigger achieved.Victory was proud to sponsor Dana Outriggers, supplying the team with Koredry rashguards. With the team being out in the water for over 6 hours the UV pro...Read More
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A Month of Pink, a Lifetime of Awareness

By: Parker McDonald

 Halloween marking the end of October, it also means the end of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Over the past few months, Victory has been doing a lot towards the cause, thanks in large part to the recent sponsorship with Standup for the Cure. Standup for the Cure is a new organization that uses stand up paddling as a way to promote breast cancer awareness and raise funds for the local Susan G. Komen chapter in Orange County.May 5th marked the first event put on by Standup for the Cure. Hundreds of people showed up at the Newport Dunes to support the cause and participate in the world’s largest SUP lesson. It was a great way to raise awareness, while at the same time introducing people to a new sport. This SUP lesson was a Guinness world record for the largest stand up paddle lesson, with a huge crowd of people filling Newport Harbor, creating a sea of pink. The event raised over $60,000 for the Orange County Komen Foun...Read More
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Revolt Summer Surf Series 2012

Crystal Pier, Pacific Beach

 Conditions were perfect for the finale of the Revolt Summer Surf Series this past weekend, in Pacific Beach. Surf Race to Victory was proud to be a part of the series finale, and a part of the first contest ever on south side of Crystal Pier. If that wasn’t enough entertainment the Pacific Beachfest was in full effect on the boardwalk.Solid sets rolled in with waves at 2’ to 4’ adding to the challenge of the Supcross event. With a good showing the event was underway as the women kicked things off. It was a tight race for both heats, Hailey Harrison pulled off the win with a strong showing in the finals. Angela Jackson finished in second, with Alison Fullagar placing third.The men took the stage next. Each heat was a battle and proved for one great race after the next, with the finals being no different. Australian Jake Jensen dominated each of his heats, and continued that into the finals taking first with n...Read More
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The Surf Race to Victory presented by LandShark Lager goes off in dramatic surf at Huntington BeachBy Christopher Parker, SUPRacer.com

September 18, 2012 (Huntington Beach, CA) - The Surf Race to Victory presented by LandShark Lager SUPCross series wrapped up late Saturday afternoon in awesome conditions at Huntington Beach. Plenty of pros had arrived in town ahead of the Battle of the Paddle, so there was a lot of talent on display. Plus with a decent swell pulsing along the coast, there was a LOT of carnage. Combine that with blue-sky, 34 degree (93 F) weather and you had a pretty fun day of SUP racing. Several of the world’s best lined up for the knockout sprint format, with everyone looking uber-stylish in the event’s signature blue crash helmets. Kody Kerbox, Connor Baxter, Byron Kurt and Brennan Rose took out the first round heats, with Kerbox in particularly fine form.On the women’s side it seemed to be a battle between Candice Appleby and Morgan Hoesterey, with the pair trading ...Read More
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The San Clemente Surf Fest has been a tradition since 1976, but this year Victory Koredry joined in on the action with the second event of the 2012 series Surf Race to Victory SUPCross, presented by SUPCo.Victory’s SUPCross was just one of the activities going on Saturday, bouncing between the SUPCross and other events throughout the day in front of thousands of spectators and racers. In between our heats, competitors got to take a breather and spectators got the chance to witness various surf, SUP and swim events that included a SUP relay and exciting dory boat races, both 1-man and 2-man.It was a busy day with great weather and good surf, with the beach and narrow pier creating an amphitheater to watch the various events, the grounds packed with people enjoying the great weather. Like in previous SUPCross events racers began in our variation of the Le Mans- style start, lying down with their feet on the end of the board.There were some small alterations when high tide crept up the sh...Read More
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A record number of people showed up in Newport Beach for the Stand Up to the Cure event.

Video courtesy of SUP Connect

Comments | Posted in Events SUP By Victory KoreDry

What a great event, a great cause, a great turn out and so much fun!

Video by SUP Connect

Comments | Posted in Events SUP By Victory KoreDry
We are so excited to have Tom representing Victory KoreDry. Tom has been using our KoreDry products for a while now and his reasoning is simply put, "because they work". Tom's challenges, events, activities, training and competitions require the highest quality performance product. Tom wore a Victory KoreDry shirt while setting a Stand Up Paddle world record when he paddled from the tip of Florida to New York City to benefit PlasticFreeOcean.org. Tom is currently training for his next big paddle which will be from the West Coast to Hawaii.To find out more about Tom and his amazing achievements read the following that was sourced from his website, TomJonesTV.com.Tom Jones is called an "extreme" athlete.  But when people hear what he has accomplished, more often than not, they ask if "extreme" is an "extreme" enough word to describe him.He has run the length of California several times--at a pace of a marathon (26.2 miles) per day.  He has also run from California to New York at the same...Read More
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[caption id="attachment_2268" align="alignright" width="300" caption="See what Anthony has to say about KoreDry"][/caption]Victory is stoked to have Anthony Vela join our team. We have had our eye on him for a while as he was already an advocate for our Victory KoreDry products. Being the strong ocean athlete that he is, Anthony saw the value in our water repellant Stand Up Paddle Victory KoreDry Shirts. Anthony is a genuine well rounded paddler and surfer. He has a strong history of competing in everything from prone paddling to stand up paddle surfing. We are glad to have him with us. Anthony has already been featured in our most recent Why KoreDry video. See what he has to say about KoreDry . Read on to learn more about Anthony and his accomplishments.[caption id="attachment_2266" align="alignleft" width="199" caption="Doing what he does best!"][/caption]As early as I can remember, I have always loved the ocean.  My parents would take me and early on I taught myself how to stand up ...Read More
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Gnarly Charley Surf Series

8/11/2011 10:30 AM

Hey Everyone!!!Just wanted to thank you all for a HUGE Contest #1. We saw ripping in the water, sandy-carnage on the beach, smiles everywhere, and the introduction of the Boys and Girls Open Longboard Division, brought to you by SHP. The Longboard Division was a blast and is going to be run at each contest, with points accumulated throughout the season ... so bring the logs with you, or grab a spare off the beach.The video, produced by SRMCo, is now posted here ... so watch it, watch it again, and then tell some others to watch it!Check out the results and some photos by ESM here.Hit up the Gnarly Charley Grom Surf Series Facebook Page here.And don't forget to hit gnarlycharleysurfseries.com for all the Points, Photos and info action!We've got Contest #2, this Saturday, April 2 ... so get ready!Parents, you can still pay for the remaining 2011 Contest Series in advance and save some cashola ... info at the sign-up table.Sponsors, thanks to all of you for making this possible!Any questi...Read More


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Retail Believer: Quiet Storm

1/6/2011 1:54 PM

Quiet Storm has shops located in the Virgin Islands, Florida, Hawaii, Rehoboth Beach and Lewes, Del,75th St. in Ocean City, MD and their biggest shop located on the Boardwalk in Ocean City, MD. This is not only Quiet Storms largest shop, but one of the largest surf shops in the state of Maryland. Quiet Storm carries clothing, from infant to adult, footwear, sunglasses and accessories. They also carryocean kayaks, boogieboards, skimboards and stand ups for paddle surfing. Also including a full surfboard and skateboard section, Quiet Storm seems to have the market covered. Whether beginner to expert, younger or older, Quiet Storm offers something for everyone. With award winning selections of clothing and accessories for men, women and children. Included with the award winning clothing and accessories is Victory Koredry which offers the Stand Up Paddler or any watersports enthusiast, a wide variety of comfortable, technical and warm gear worn in and out of the water. Victory Koredry is l...

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