Toddler and Youth Victory KoreDry products.

The exclusive Koredry fabric is incorporated into a line specifically designed to fit youth and toddlers.
Youth and toddlers garments offer full UPF 50 sun protection and the hydrophobic yet breathable properties of Koredry.

Young people have less natural insulation so they tend to both overheat and get cold easier than adults so the insulation properties of Koredry are even more important for them. Make their time in and around the water as enjoyable as possible - put them in Koredry. Because Koredry is so comfortable when wet they will also tend to keep it on which offers far better sun protection than any sun screen.

Koredry loose fit is a very comfortable and loosely cut line of shirts for situations where you they may fall in or get splashed but want maximum breathability and don't need a tight fitting lycra garment.

Koredry nylon lycra tight fit is more hydrophobic with a tighter weave and works best when more performance in the water is needed like swimming, surfing or bodyboarding.

  • Youth Long Sleeve Loose Fit Rashguard

    Youth Long Sleeve Loose Fit Koredry Shirt

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